This national learning report will highlight the themes emerging from our contact with families during our patient safety investigations. We expect to publish it in autumn 2020.

Our national learning reports describe common themes and findings that come out of our national investigation programme and our maternity investigation programme. The information in these reports is used to inform future HSIB investigations or programmes of work.

About family engagement

Family engagement during investigations involves effective liaison between a family and the investigating team. It covers the whole investigation process from start to finish. Our aim is to get families involved and make sure they are central to investigations, depending on their preferences. We also make sure they are supported throughout the investigation process.

For the purpose of our national and maternity investigations ‘family’ can include the individual involved in the investigation and anyone else with a direct and close relationship with that individual.

Report summary

This report will set-out our family engagement process. It will also summarise the feedback that we’ve received to date from the families who have been involved in our investigations.

The purpose is to share our family engagement process with other healthcare organisations involved in patient safety investigations. We hope to raise awareness of the value of an effective family engagement process in such investigations.

The report will:

  • Describe HSIB’s approach to family engagement in our investigations and what has informed our practice.
  • Describe what has worked well in our approach to family engagement.
  • Summarise what families and staff tell us about our approach.
  • Explain what we have learned and plans for future work.

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