The HSIB was notified of a three-month-old infant who was admitted in to a hospital and discharged four hours later. The infant was re-admitted less than four hours later and sadly died of Meningococcus (serogroup B).

HSIB has launched an investigation regarding the recognition of the acutely ill infant.

The investigation will focus on understanding and describing circumstances in which the acutely ill infant is not recognised and/or acted upon. This will involve a review of staff training and preparedness for recognising and responding to the sick infant. The investigation will explore how clinical information is communicated, together with the transfer of information between people; including the voice of the parent/carer and handover of information between staff. 

The investigation will consider the system and environmental influences that impact on the decision making process,  taking into account the contextual factors that influence the effectiveness of existing track and trigger tools for acutely ill infants. 

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