This national learning report will explore HSIB’s insights into how NHS staff are supported by their trusts following patient safety incidents, with a focus on good practice.

Our national learning reports can be used by healthcare leaders, policymakers, and the public to:

  • Aid their knowledge of systemic patient safety risks
  • Understand the underlying contributing factors
  • Inform decision making to improve patient safety
  • Explore wider patient safety processes

The information in national learning reports is also used to inform future HSIB investigations or programmes of work.

About staff support

People seek to work in healthcare to care for those who are unwell. NHS staff sometimes face being involved with events in a patient’s care that were unexpected or unintended. Following these events NHS staff may experience significant emotional responses that greatly impact on their own health and their future ability to work.

The medical literature has highlighted a need for support of NHS staff when things go unexpectedly in a patient’s care, but there is a gap in the provision of this support.

National learning report summary

In this national learning report we will explore feedback from our national investigators around positive efforts identified in the support of NHS staff by their organisations following patient safety incidents.

We will also describe the literature around NHS staff support to attempt to identify areas of best practice and the impact of any interventions.

The purpose is to share our insights and to develop some key principles, based on those insights, around how NHS staff can be best supported in practice.

The report will also seek to describe some exemplars of work being undertaken to support NHS staff after patient safety incidents.

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