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Press releases

Safety body warns partial set up of electronic medication systems in NHS puts patients at risk

Report published 24 October 2019.

Management of chronic health conditions in prisons

Report published 10 October 2019.

Wrong patient details on blood sample

Report published 26 September 2019.

Management of acute onset testicular pain

Report published 12 September 2019.

Failures in communication or follow-up of unexpected significant radiological findings

Report published 18 July 2019.

Recognising and responding to critically unwell patients

Report published 23 May 2019.

Recognising and responding to critically unwell patients (statement)

Statement from Dr Matt Inada-Kim, national clinical lead for deterioration and national clinical advisor for sepsis.

Inadvertent administration of an oral liquid medicine into a vein

Report published 11 April 2019.

Piped supply of medical air and oxygen

Report published 28 February 2019.

Transfer of critically ill adults

Report published 24 January 2019.