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HSIB release interim bulletin relating to button battery investigation

by Communications team

The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) has released an interim bulletin relating to their investigation into Button Battery Ingestion.

The investigation focuses on a case of a three year-old child who died following an unknown and undetected ingestion of a button battery. 

The initial investigation has focused on the identification and treatment of button battery ingestion in children under five, the communication and information sharing between primary and secondary care services, and the assessment of non-specific symptoms.

The full investigation will build on these issues, looking in depth at clinical decision making, and other safety initiatives including product safety, design and manufacturing solutions.

Interim bulletins are released to share further details of each investigation, including how it’s met HSIB criteria, the history of the event it relates to, the national context and any identified safety issues.

The HSIB launched its first full investigation in July 2017 and is now conducting 12 full investigations. 

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