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HSIB welcomes Royal Assent of Health and Care Act

by Communications Team

The Health and Care Act received Royal Assent yesterday (28 April 2022). This will establish the Health Services Safety Investigations Body (HSSIB) as a fully independent non-departmental public body of the Department of Health and Social Care in England.

This culminates a journey that began for us in 2017, when HSIB was first established. Our independence was seen as vital to give full confidence that HSIB’s purpose is impartial, no blame, and solely to learn to support systemic improvement in patient safety. 

HSIB will commence a year-long transition as a shadow ALB, during which we will have a chair, non-executives and executive team appointed for the HSSIB. We expect to begin operating as HSSIB in April 2023. The transition will also involve transfer of HSIB maternity investigations to a new special health authority, to be established through secondary legislation and also operating from April 2023. 

A photo of HSIB chief investigator, Keith Conradi
Keith Conradi, Chief Investigator

Keith Conradi, Chief Investigator says:

“I am pleased that we are now at this final step to becoming HSSIB. We are grateful for everyone who has supported this journey and expressed confidence in the important contribution that independent patient safety investigations can make to the experience of patients, families, and healthcare staff and organisations.” 

During the coming year we will update our website with information about the transition to HSSIB and the special health authority. 

We will also engage with healthcare staff and patient and family advocates about how HSSIB will implement the enhanced powers for national investigations.

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