Our organisation is the first in the world to investigate patient safety concerns nationally.

The opportunity to take part in the first ever World Patient Safety Day was important. It gave us the chance to highlight the work we are doing to improve patient care - something we are all very proud of at HSIB.

Our work is recognised in America, across Europe, in the Middle East and as far away as New Zealand. This is a great accolade for an organisation which is so young. And, we aren’t sitting still. We learn from each maternity and national investigation we do. We get better and are improving all the time. This is something we want to share with all our colleagues across the country.

World Patient Safety Day is a global initiative established by the World Health Organization (WHO) to ‘create awareness of patient safety and urge people to show their commitment to making healthcare safer.’ We are just one of many organisations and many places in the world that took part.

So how did we mark this day? We worked with human factors experts at Loughborough University to deliver a free collaborative networking event for anyone with an interest in healthcare, human factors and ergonomics.

We shared our learning at a global level and showed how this can be applied for the benefit of patients across the world. One of our national investigators is a keynote speaker at the Human Factors in Healthcare Symposium in Auckland, New Zealand.

If you want to find out how else we’ve celebrated, take a look at our Twitter and LinkedIn pages where we’ve shared videos, images and insights from our events during World Patient Safety Day.

Keith Conradi | Chief Investigator