We have started our journey to becoming an arm’s-length body after our Bill was mentioned in the Queen’s Speech on 14 October 2019.

The Bill will turn us into an independent statutory body and give us significant legal powers. When the Bill is eventually passed we will be known as the Health Service Safety Investigations Body, the HSSIB.

The Bill now progresses through Parliament for multiple readings, with the first reading having taken place on 15 October, the day after the Queen’s Speech.

You can read more about our Bill here and follow its progress through Parliament, as well as understand the process the Bill has to go through to receive Royal assent.

Keith Conradi, HSIB Chief Investigator, said:

“We are delighted that the introduction of the Bill has been announced in the Queen’s Speech. It marks the start of an important change to our organisation.

“This First Reading is the initial step in a process of many readings and debates in the House of Lords and Commons which will, once completed, result in Royal Assent.

“The Bill will enable us to become fully independent and will ensure we can continue having a major impact in the healthcare system as we share the learning we have gained from our investigations to help save lives."