We’ve just launched a new online feedback form so that anyone involved or interested in our healthcare safety investigations can tell us what they think.

There are options to tell us about:

  • National investigations in general
  • Specific national investigations
  • Maternity investigations
  • HSIB in general

The feedback form is available online and you can also request the form in another format or language by emailing enquiries@hsib.org.uk.

We continue to ask patients and family members involved in our investigations to complete our family feedback questionnaire. This separate questionnaire helps patients and families to tell us about their experience of our investigation in more detail. If you’re a patient or family member involved in one of our investigations, your investigator will give you a family feedback questionnaire to fill out when your investigation is complete. You can also fill out the family feedback questionnaire online.

All the comments we receive are reviewed by our team and help us to improve our healthcare safety investigations.