HSIB has been asked to undertake investigations of the most serious maternity cases using its independent, impartial and standardised process that does not apportion blame or liability. 

From April 2018, HSIB will conduct independent safety investigations for all the EBC* babies, working to the protocols and systems that characterise its investigative approach and extracting learning from all these investigations leading to a national view of safety issues in maternity.

HSIB considers this the vanguard for future HSIB safety investigations in all clinical areas.

Keith Conradi has said:

“Every one of these cases represents a tragedy for the family involved and deserves the professional safety investigation that HSIB can deliver. Through working with families and staff and building on the principles of national investigations, HSIB will report on what happened, why it happened and make safety recommendations to help improve maternity safety for the future.”

*In 2014, RCOG launched a dedicated piece of work (Each Baby Counts) aimed at reducing the number of serious incidents during birth, that result in stillbirths, early neonatal death and brain injuries.