An older lady with short, grey, curly hair sits in a chair in her home wearing a face mask to speak to a carer.

Our mission, vision and values

Our mission is to improve patient safety through professional safety investigations that do not apportion blame or liability.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve patient safety through professional safety investigations that do not apportion blame or liability.

We deliver this through:

  • Learning for improvement - by using findings to make safety recommendations, address causes and contributory factors and provide support to increase the capability within local NHS systems.
  • Diffusing our learning - through effective communications and engagement with the wider health and social care system.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a global leader and educator in healthcare safety investigations.

Our values



  • We act with care and kindness. We show concern for others and the work they do. We do our best to be warm and considerate in our behaviours.
  • We actively listen to those we interact with, make them feel comfortable and give them time to speak openly and honestly. We acknowledge each other’s ideas and seek to understand differing perspectives, and use this knowledge to challenge our own thinking, values and assumptions.
  • We act with empathy, seeking to understand the thoughts and feelings of others and show concern for what matters to them. We seek to support and signpost the best we can.


  • We celebrate and respect our diversity and differences to ensure everyone is included.
  • We challenge behaviour that does not reflect our values.
  • We listen closely and show appreciation of others’ opinions and views.



  • We engage with parents, patients, families and healthcare staff in a compassionate way which makes them feel safe, respected and listened to.
  • We help each other to continually learn and develop, and we support one another if we are finding things difficult.
  • We actively seek and encourage each other’s views and contributions to enable everyone to feel equally safe and confident to contribute.


  • My colleagues demonstrate honesty, integrity and openness because developing trust is about being made to feel safe and creating a work environment of psychological safety.
  • We assure all those we work with that we are not there to judge or blame, but to fact find and improve.
  • We continually learn, improve and support so we can build positive relationships between each other, while recognising that some relationships may well require more work than others.

                Leadership and accountability

Leadership and accountability

  • We are each responsible for our words, our actions and our decisions.
  • We are each responsible for treating everyone with kindness and respect.
  • We have the courage to have challenging conversations with kindness and respect.