Maisie McKenzie


Maisie McKenzie.jpg

Maisie's experiences as a carer for multiple family members with serious medical conditions led to an interest in public involvement and patient engagement.

She currently supports two of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) policy research units as a patient representative on its collaboration groups, which focus on data use in research and clinical trials and a number of Health Data Research UK (HDRUK) Health Data Research Hubs.

She is a member of 'use MY data', a movement of patients, carers and relatives which endeavours to highlight the benefits that appropriate usage of healthcare data can make to save lives and improve care, and is currently the only patient and public involvement and engagement representative on the Panel and Steering Group of the National Data Guardian for Health and Social Care for England.

Maisie has worked in operational management, health promotion and disease prevention for the NHS in a non-clinical capacity and is an adult mental health first aid associate and trainer with Mental Health First Aid England.