Dr Stephen Drage

Executive Director of Investigations

Steve Drage 3.jpg

Steve joined HSIB in April 2019 to lead the HSIB Investigation Directorate after 25 years in the NHS as a doctor specialising in intensive care medicine.

In 2006 Steve was appointed as consultant in intensive care medicine to a large NHS Trust on the South Coast of England. From early in his consultant career he led clinical intensive care research and the organ donation programme in his Trust.

The roll out of the World Health Organisation surgical checklist in his trust and Professor Atul Gawande’s publications in 2010 led Steve to take an increasing interest in patient safety, incident investigation and the parallels with other safety critical industries such as aviation.

In 2013 Steve was appointed Deputy Medical Director for his trust. In this role his portfolio included oversight and development of the serious incident investigation and mortality review processes. Steve worked with his team to embed ‘human factors’ approaches to investigation and developed a ‘Lean’ quality improvement programme to deliver the improvements identified during incident investigation.

In 2017 Steve completed a Health Foundation GenerationQ Fellowship and master’s degree in Leadership for Quality Improvement. This programme has provided him with an understanding of leadership in complex socio-technical systems in addition to more traditional approaches to quality improvement including, ‘lean’, ‘six sigma’ and the ‘theory of constraints’.

Steve continues to practise as an intensive care consultant and returned to clinical work during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Steve has varied professional interests including improving care of deteriorating patients, sepsis, acute respiratory failure and organ donation. Steve has contributed to research in these areas and has several associated publications.

When he's not working you will find Steve playing guitar, riding his bike or tending his vegetable patch.