Clare Crowley

National Investigator

A head and shoulders photo of a woman with curly brown hair.

Clare’s background as a clinical pharmacist led her to patient safety, after noticing gaps as a frontline practitioner. This motivated her to undertake a PhD that explored ward-based preparation errors with injectable medications. Prior to joining HSIB in 2021, Clare was Consultant Pharmacist in medication safety at Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust.

Her passion now lies in the field of ergonomics and human factors, and how this can be used within healthcare to improve safety. She is currently on the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors healthcare learning pathway, to become a Human Factors Technical Specialist.

Clare is a Visiting Fellow in the School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy at the University of Reading, where she collaborates with Dr Rosemary Lim (Associate Professor in Medication Use and Safety). Clare is a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Faculty.