Who we work with

We draw on external, specialist knowledge during investigations.

HSIB investigations cover a wide range of topics in healthcare, and they often require specialised and technical knowledge, which we obtain from specialist independent advisors during our investigations.

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Independent advisors

It is important for us to engage specialist advisors during our investigations to help us build a factual and accurate record of events surrounding and during a patient safety incident, as well as to understand how and how and why a clinician may have deviated from recommended practice. The advisors are completely independent and not employed by HSIB.

The specialist knowledge needed for each investigation differs, but advisors include ergonomists, human factors experts, safety scientists, clinical experts, medical specialty experts, manufacturers, engineers and regulators.

The patient perspective is also crucial to our investigations, so we engage with patients in two ways. We will involve the patient and their family at the centre of the patient safety incident we are investigating. For incidents where this is not possible or additional patient perspective is needed, we will also involve Experts by Lived Experience as specialist advisors.

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NHS investigation teams

Investigation teams within local NHS trusts are crucial to our process. They are the first people to determine what happened and why through early internal investigations.

We often work with a trust’s local liaison officer. They can provide updates on the status of their investigation, what they have found so far and provide access to key evidence.