Our team

Our Maternity Investigation Team brings together individuals with professional investigation backgrounds in health and other relevant disciplines.

Senior team

Our Maternity Investigation Team is led by Professor James Walker - Clinical Director, Louise Page - Deputy Clinical Director and Sandy Lewis - Associate Director of the Maternity Programme. 

The senior team also includes obstetricians and midwives who act as clinical advisors. We consult with additional specialist clinical advisors in neonatology, anaesthetics and midwifery. 

Find out more about our senior team on the Teams page

Maternity investigators

Our maternity investigators come from a wide range of professional backgrounds including health and other sectors. This helps to ensure we have a strong mix of people with clinical experience and knowledge, including in midwifery and nursing, with people who can bring fresh thinking and insight to challenge long-held assumptions about how maternity services should be delivered.  

All our maternity investigators are specially trained for their work. On joining the team they complete an intensive 3-week training programme.

Our maternity investigators have the skills to:

  • Conduct effective and efficient investigations, working with families and trusts to establish key facts.
  • Be independent and unbiased. If they have any conflict of interest (having worked in the trust or knowing people involved) they do not carry out the investigation. 
  • Employ robust analytical methodology to understand the contributory factors of maternity incidents.
  • Produce investigation reports with recommendations to improve the safety of maternity services within individual NHS trusts and across the maternity healthcare system.

Maternity investigators work in 14 regional teams covering the whole of England. A list of all of the NHS trusts where we carry out maternity investigations is available on the where we investigate page.

Subject matter advisors

Maternity investigators engage the expertise of subject matter advisors, when required, to provide evidence-based advice in their specialist area of interest. Specialist areas of interest can include mental health, cardiology, neonatology, intensive care, anaesthetics, neurology and endocrinology.

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