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Concerns, complaints and compliments

We welcome hearing from you about concerns, complaints and compliments. All the information we receive is used to continuously learn and improve.

If you have a concern, complaint or compliment about HSIB you can contact our governance team, who will be pleased to help or share your feedback with our teams.

What our team handles

You may wish to raise a concern or complaint if you feel that we’ve:

  • treated you unfairly
  • provided poor service
  • acted incorrectly
  • delayed unreasonably in doing something
  • failed to take action
  • failed to provide information

Our concerns and complaints team do not handle:

  • requests for information under either the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act or Date Protection Act, or a complaint that we have failed to comply with a FOI request
  • whistleblowing
  • employment matters
  • a matter which is or has been investigated by the Health Service Ombudsman

What you need to provide

Please provide as much information as you can about your concern, complaint or compliment and include:

  • your name and preferred method of contact
  • a phone number in case we need to ask you for additional information
  • a clear description of what you want to tell us about and when it happened
  • any relevant correspondence

If you are raising concerns or complaints on behalf of someone else, we’ll need their consent to continue dealing with the issue.

What happens next

Our governance team will acknowledge that we have received your concern, complaint or compliment within three working days.


Please send your concern, complaint or compliment by email to governance@hsib.org.uk.