Mock up image of the report investigating the management of chronic health conditions in prisons

Management of chronic health conditions in prisons


The national investigation

Each day around 120 prisoners with ongoing medication needs are moved between prisons.

This investigation identifies opportunities and remedies that could be applied across the system to reduce the risk of prisoners with long term, chronic conditions being moved without crucial medication.

Reference event

The reference event in this investigation is the case of Martin, a 43-year old inmate, who suffered multiple seizures after his epilepsy medication wasn’t transferred with him to a new prison.

Investigation summary

We reviewed the entire reference event, from the start of Martin’s internment through to the moment where his medication was acquired by the Category C prison he was moved to.

The investigation followed the pathway of care and the processes that were involved, including the healthcare aspects and the operational side of the prison, to understand the decisions made.

The human factors that may influence decision making at all levels throughout the transfer process were considered, along with the complexity of the environment and the system in which staff work.

This investigation focused on the routine transfer of prisoners around the prison system.