Local integrated investigation pilot

The local integrated investigation pilot was launched to evaluate HSIB’s ability to carry out effective local investigations with actions aimed at specific NHS trusts or hospitals, while still identifying and sharing relevant national learning.

After evaluation, consideration will be given as to whether this model can be implemented more widely by HSIB.

Scope of the pilot

We’re working with several NHS acute hospital and ambulance trusts. They are referring patient safety incidents to us that involve cross-boundary care. For example, ambulance services, acute hospitals, and primary care services.

Following referral, we review the incidents to consider whether to launch an investigation as part of this pilot.

The HSIB investigation does not replace any trust requirements for their own local investigations.

Outputs of the pilot

We intend to publish three local integrated investigation pilot reports and a subsequent evaluation of the pilot.

Each investigation report presents findings from a single, cross-boundary investigation. The associated safety recommendations are made specifically to the organisations involved in the investigation. Organisations are anonymised.

The reports also identify safety risks that might be addressed by future national investigation by HSIB.

Published pilot reports