Reports and publications

We routinely publish an annual review, interim bulletins, investigation reports and responses to our national investigations and national learning reports.

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Annual Review 2020/21

Our fourth annual review highlights the work we have done during 2020/21.

Like many organisations we have had to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic and have provided support and expertise to the healthcare system where needed.

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Past reviews

Each annual review gives a summary of HSIB's achievements and reflections on how we’re meeting our purpose, which is to improve patient safety through effective and independent investigations that do not apportion blame or liability.


National investigation programme

As part of our national investigations programme we publish interim bulletins and a final report with safety recommendations for each investigation. These documents are available to download as PDFs from individual investigation pages. We also publish responses from national bodies to our safety recommendations on individual investigation pages. You can find all of our national investigations in the investigation section.

Maternity investigations programme

The way we work and report on maternity investigations is different to our national investigations. Individual maternity investigation reports are shared with the family, the NHS trust and the healthcare professionals who were involved in the incident. Unlike our national investigation reports, we don’t publish individual maternity investigation reports.

As part of our maternity investigations programme we publish thematic reports and an annual review. Find out more on the maternity reports and publications page

National learning reports

We publish national learning reports that describe common themes and findings that arise from both our national investigations programme and maternity investigations programme. We use the information from these national learning reports to inform future HSIB investigations.

Our national learning reports:


Equality in our workforce

The second Equality and Workforce Report 2019/20 reviews data on staff we recruited in that year by protected characteristic against data from the previous year to understand any improvements or areas where we need to focus more to increase diversity in the workforce. The report sets out actions that have been undertaken and future actions to help us achieve this aim. It also shares the data for the make up of the workforce by protected characteristics at 31 March 2020.

Staff survey results

In 2019 HSIB launched its first full staff survey. We had a response rate of over 91% and some extremely positive outcomes with a significant number of staff feeling proud of our organisation and wanting to be part of our organisation.

We have published the results of our survey as we have a desire to be open, honest and transparent in everything we do.

We know we still have work to do in some areas and we are working with staff to ensure our action plan is a success.

Download and view the questions and response rates from the HSIB staff survey

Documents in other formats

For documents in another format or language, including British Sign Language, please email: