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About HSIB

HSIB is dedicated to improving patient safety through professional safety investigations that do not apportion blame or liability.

Formed in 2017, we are dedicated to improving patient safety through independent investigations into NHS-funded care across England. HSIB is funded by the Department of Health and Social Care and currently hosted by NHS England.

We are going through organisational transition to become the Health Services Safety Investigations Body (HSSIB). At the same time our maternity investigations programme will be formed into a separate special health authority.

We expect both organisations to be operational in April 2023.

Our investigations focus on systems and processes in healthcare, identifying the factors that could have led, or could potentially lead, to harm for patients. We do this without attributing blame or liability, valuing independence, transparency, objectivity, expertise and learning for improvement in all that we do.

Our investigations are delivered through two programmes: national and maternity. There are differences in how they are carried out and how reports are published but the aims are the same: to share learning and to make safety recommendations that improve safety at a national level.


National investigations

Our national investigations are designed to improve patient safety at a national level, and promote learning across the NHS.

More about our national investigations


Maternity investigations

Our maternity programme replaces local NHS trust investigations. We complete up to 1,000 reports a year, where incidents meet the criteria as previously defined within the Each Baby Counts programme or our defined criteria for maternal deaths.

More about our maternity programme

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A renowned model of family engagement

Throughout our investigations, we work closely with patients, their families and healthcare staff, and have established a renowned model of family engagement.

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Response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Since the pandemic began in March 2020, we've launched 13 COVID-19 focused investigations. 8 were completed within a year, so that learning could be swiftly shared across the NHS.

See our COVID-19 investigations

Our investigation team

Our investigators have diverse experience of healthcare and other safety critical industries, bringing new perspectives and a unique mix of clinical and non clinical input to every investigation. We consult widely across the UK and internationally to ensure that our work is informed by appropriate and relevant expertise.

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Our reports

Spanning a wide range of clinical themes, our investigations aim to bring about real, system-wide change across the NHS. Our investigations page hosts all interim bulletins reports and safety recommendations published since HSIB was formed in 2017.

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