Introducing Dr Rosie Benneyworth, interim Chief Investigator.

HSIB’s new interim Chief Investigator focused on ‘maximum impact’ patient safety

by Communications team

Today, Dr Rosie Benneyworth takes the helm at HSIB as we transform over the next 9 months to become two separate organisations, the Health Services Safety Investigations Body (HSSIB) and the maternity Special Health Authority.

As she starts with us, she acknowledges the current challenges for the NHS and how HSIB’s role is even more crucial to aid the safe delivery of care across England.

“Improving patient safety has always been at the core of HSIB’s investigations and as services across health and care are continuing to be put under immense pressure, this becomes even more of a priority. We will continue to investigate areas of concern, working with patients, their families and advocates, professionals working in services and other stakeholders to continue to improve safety across the NHS through our safety recommendations.”

Rosie has come to HSIB from the CQC where she was Chief Inspector of Primary Medical Services and Integrated Care. A GP by background, she has held many senior leadership roles in health that include Vice Chair of the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence, Managing Director of the South West Academic Health Science Network and senior clinical commissioning roles in Somerset.

“I am very much looking forward to my first few months at HSIB and being part of the exciting journey that we are taking to two new organisations. This is a very important time, and we will use this opportunity to ensure we learn from what has gone well with our work and where we can improve so we have the maximum impact on patient safety in England.”

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